A B = C: A Poker Gambler’s Worth is Determined by His or Her Bottom Line

[ English ]

Some poker strategies will astonish you with their simplicity. This is sample. Note your outcomes, each and every time you gamble.

Chapel of Texas Holdem Verse #four:

Thou have to record thy successes and thy squanders; for it is the grand total of all a mans achievements which create his bottom line.

How detailed is up to you. I tend to believe that hourly details and that type of intimate detail is wasted. Simply work out how much ahead you are and how much (if anything) you have taken out. Certainly, if you lose, record that too, no matter how much it it might pain you.

Do not neglect to record what style of game you’re competing in, if that’s significant to you. (In my expertise, most players stick to what they know and do not experiment. If all you record is up, loses and withdrawals, you’re light years in front of most players around!)

Provide yourself actual ambitions, such as a ‘dream’ goal (new vehicle, vacation or whatever). When you withdraw, mark the $$$$$ taken out to your dream tally. The greater the success you have, the nearer that goal will get!

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